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portable self-storage

if you're looking for a self-storage solution and pondering all the problems of getting your items packed up and moved to one of those self-storage buildings, you'll be glad to know there's a better storage solution. instead of you having to move all your belongings and household effects to a garage space in a seedy part of town, you can rent a storage trailer and keep everything right at your home. you'll enjoy the security of having it on your property and not exposed to security risks at those public storage unit buildings you may have seen.

portable self-storage is a great alternative to mini-storage units at a storage yard or warehouse. you can avoid the aggravation of traveling to that storage warehouse location to fetch something you need. portable self-storage containers are dropped off at your location. when you need to access the container, it is close by. if you're renovating your home and you need to move furniture out of each room or area to be renovated, having the container right at your door, makes it easy to adjust to the needs of the renovation. expensive or fragile items can be kept away from the dust and danger of the demolition and construction area. real estate agents know this well, and use our services frequently when showing homes to home buyers.

many people use containers when moving too. rather than paying for a moving van rental, the go minis portable container is delivered to your current home. you pack the container and we move it to your new home, where you unpack it. the container is at ground level too. you won't have the danger of lifting items up a ramp as you would with a moving van. and, you won't have to drive the moving van to your new home. you just call us and we move it ourselves.

portable storage containers are a convenient and versatile self storage solution for business and residential uses. call us to get a quote on your moving and storage needs.